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Welcome to the Office of Institutional Effectiveness

The mission of the Office of Institutional Effectiveness (OIE), is to inform and facilitate continuous improvement across the University by providing a broad array of research and reporting services to internal and external stakeholders. The four functional areas of OIE lead and foster a coordinated approach to the assessment and evaluation of the University’s academic, administrative and co-curricular programs.

OIE functions are itemized as follows:

Institutional Research
  • 应对内部和外部信息的请求rmation and institutional data
  • Conduct and coordinate survey research and manage university survey calendar to assist in assessment of experience and educational effectiveness
  • Develop reporting resources to inform and facilitate university strategic planning and continuous improvement
  • Support administrative and financial processes with data analytics
Data Stewardship
  • Manage university data files and ensure that the university has uniform statistical information for official reporting and analysis
  • Foster a culture of knowledge management through the facilitation of data access and purposeful data dialogue and use
  • Collaborate with Information Technology to support effective use of the student information system, data query tools and data dashboards
Assessment of Student Learning Outcomes
  • Support a culture of assessment of learning across university units
  • Provide leadership in assessing student learning outcomes and using assessment information to improve student learning
  • Facilitate program reviews to ensure appropriate inclusion of student achievement on educational outcomes
  • Provide consultation to academic and co-curricular departments to create curriculum maps and assessment methodologies and plans
Accreditation Leadership
  • Lead and guide the inquiry, analysis and reporting requirements to ensure the university's continued accreditation with the Higher Learning Commission
  • Provide consultative expertise and leadership to the School/College specialized accreditation processes
  • Provide leadership to support the development of continuous improvement plans to ensure appropriate and coordinated data collection, including supporting academic and administrative program review

If there is a document you need and do not see here, and you have a DU login, you can search for it in theOIE Document Library(login required)

For further information about Institutional Effectiveness at Dominican University or for help with locating information about Dominican University, please contact the Office of Institutional Effectiveness