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Tuition Deposit

After being admitted, First-Year and Transfer students, along with those enrolling in the programs listed below, must secure their place in the entering class by paying their tuition deposit in the application portal. The deposit is refundable until May 1 for fall enrollment and November 1 for spring enrollment.

Tuition Deposit Amounts:

  • First-Year Students: $200
  • Transfer Students: $200*
  • Local Individualized Supervised Practice Pathway (ISPP) Certificate: $200
  • Certificate in Nutrition and Dietetics: $250
  • Bachelor of Medical Science (BMS): $250** (non-refundable)
  • Physician Assistant Studies (PA): $1,500** (non-refundable)

*Students in a Bachelor of Professional Studies (BPS) program are not required to pay a tuition deposit.
**Students in the BMS or PA programs will receive tuition deposit payment details directly from their program. They shouldnot使用下面的链接。存款这两个总结ms are non-refundable.

Pay Tuition Deposit

Housing Deposit

If you plan to live on campus, you must submit ahousing application* along with a $200 housing deposit to secure your on-campus residency. Please select "New Student" below to get started.

If you are a current student attempting to pay your housing deposit, please select “Current Student” below.

*The application opens in late Spring each year.

New Student: Pay Housing Deposit

Current Student: Pay Housing Deposit

Tuition Payment

Tuition payments are due the first day of the semester or students must sign up for the university payment plan. For more information about payment options, please visit theStudent Accounts site on MyDU.

To access your bill, please select "New or Current Student" below and log in to MyDU with your Dominican username and password. For more information about tuition payments, please visit review ourStudent Accounts FAQs.

If you previously took courses at DU but are not currently enrolled, please select “Former Student Not Currently Enrolled” below to pay a tuition balance.

New or Current Student: Pay Tuition

Former Student Not Currently Enrolled: Pay Tuition Balance